A sparkling tale


The festive season is finally here. This brings us not only a brilliant frosted hush of winter, but also lots of sparkle and so many jingle bells. To dress to the occasion, we have the right accessories for you to be the shining star at all your Christmas parties. What’s it gonna be? If we may make a suggestion, just because a flash of gold and a sprinkling of shimmer is always a good idea, hoops are definitely the right choice this time of the year. If you want to spice up your party outfit or give your little black dress that glittering touch..




It’s finally here, our collaboration with ANNA NOOSHIN and, if we may say so, this is certainly one for the books.The collection shows a combination of simple and timeless jewelry with a certain edge to it. Accentuated by charms like lucky wishbones, classy circles and shiny coins, all that will stand the test of time. Anna Nooshin is, just like us, quite the globetrotter and a big city fan, so this match was one made in heaven. All the pieces are designed by miss Nooshin herself and produced by us. A one-of-a-kind collection in silver, silver- gold plated and 14K gold.


The orb collection


We know we may not pick favorites, but sometimes you just can’t deny that one certain little something has stolen your heart. In our case that’s the orb. A subtle shimmering ball that’s just as charming as it is freakin’ rad. Dangling from your ear, draped around your neck or flourishing your wrist, we want it all. As a tiny charm, with a huge impact. Wear it from desk to dinner, glinstering on its own or in a stack of your finest jewelry pieces. Pick your favorite from the Orb collection now here.



A shimmering season


Is there anything better than the perfect jewelry piece? Be it a glinstering ring, an enchanting bracelet or a shimmering necklace, all in solid 14K gold. You will look and feel your best with the perfect counterparts to your ensemble. Now, we’ve curated some beautiful golden pieces for you, to try and buy in our new atelier. Choose one of our styles and resize, engrave or even design your own. Because sometimes it’s the little things that can make it not only whimsical, but also very personal.



Brooch crush


We just love them, in the winter pinned on our suit velvet jackets, in spring on our light shirts, in summertime on our shorts and in fall on our scarves and heavier coats. Our all time favorite accessories, the brooches. From a sparkling little crab to an endearing LOVE brooch, or close to your heart initial, we’ve got em all. Make one glinster on its own, or let them shine together and make your daily ensemble oh-so-unique and your evening wear even more enchanting.



Ode to our favorite accessories


And soon to be yours…Because you may have your winter ensembles all figured out by now; wearing pink knitwear and velvet boots or a floral blouse on a tailored pants. Still these obvious style troopers are great and all, accessories will be the true statement pieces this season. Going from desk to dinner on a random Tuesday? Then don’t forget to put on your golden watch. Or having Friday night cocktails? Then the beaded clutch is your new best friend…


Bed & beyond


Just because you like to be comfy at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish whilst you kick back and unwind. The ANNA + NINA pyjama’s are the perfect ensemble for a romantic night in, a good night sleep or a extensive brunch in the morning. Hello mixed prints – dainty colors – we just found your new favorite pieces to wear from dusk till dawn. Mix and match and find the perfect pyjama in which you will feel pampered and pleased. The options are plentiful..


October, November and beyond….


As autumn just killed summer with the softest yet rainy kiss, we really need to start dressing for this time of the year. But, this doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice on style. Even when scarves and heavier coats are soon dominating our ensemble, a simple yet statement jewelry piece will nudge things up a bit. Our advice is to make your shiny bangles, glittering necklaces and flashy earrings, the star of the show this fall. Go pick your favorite items online and in store now!


The finest stationery to have and to hold


The most awesome interiors, must visits in the world, breathtaking pictures and what to wear in which city – get a hold onto one of our favorite books, fulfil your jotting needs with some of the nicest notebooks or sent a perfect thank you or a birthday card with a little note that goes the extra mile. Our online shop is filled with the finest stationery that’s a little weird and a lot charming.