Mix things up a bit


When it comes to accessories, we all play favorites. Somewhere along the line we choose our color, style and finish, and that becomes the one. So whether you decide to go with what you know or mix things up a bit, a new favorite jewelry piece is always a good idea.

Is big, bigger, biggest your philosophy? Then our new collection has just the right pieces for you. Choose the single single grand orb pearl and mix and match it with the orb necklace and some bangles. But if classic and timeless pieces are what your heart desires, then the clean and minimalistic path is what you should follow. Try the rivet earring and necklace and make your ensemble classy yet oh so stunning.


Made to dazzle


Looking to make a big impact with minimal effort? Us too. That’s why we created the new and opulent collection ‘Salon Artistique’. With just a pop of gold or a twinkle of silver in the shape of a Lily, a treasure map or a tag, you will definitely turn heads. And want to elevate your desk wardrobe? Then the multi orb hook or Eclipse earring are here to spice it all up.

This new collection is deeply associated with opulence and has a artistic vibe to it. All the pieces work perfectly as a statement on its own, or are great to team up with some of its bolder wrist, neck or ear adornments. Just blink once and you will transform your work gear into a fab dinner look.page4

The not so ordinary plate


Here’s a tribute to the not so ordinary plate, a words of wisdom story we decided to create. A little art for on your wall, a small touch that will have the mightiest impact of them all.

As we like to pay close attention to the tiny details in our homes, we wanted to create something that even uplifts the most bare walls in a simple yet compelling way. And is your interior already very refreshing, then maybe the next party host or dear neighbor, is in desperate need of some encouraging words. Well, then one of these plates are your next token of gratitude.


Solid gold


A small collection of accessories hanging around our neck or in our ears, tend to be our outfit’s final touch. But it seems like we’re sticking to the same pieces from desk to dinner, whenever and wherever. Until now, because this season we introduce to you our 14K real solid gold collection. For those special moments, now and forever..

The Essential golden ear adornment is one to cherish. A very special piece classic in its appearance, yet easy to wear and so-very-stylish. And want to go beyond the everyday look? Then this earring is made for mixing and matching with some other trinkets and golden sparkly accessories, just to make each and every ensemble unique.



Pin it


Brooches. We can’t get enough of them. They can lift up any outfit,from a plain jane t-shirt to a somewhat boring work look. And the fun part is, you don’t have to put any work in your outfit to make it unique. A little pin here and there and you’re good to go.

Now, brooches have earned a reputation for being the new must have accessory, and we totally agree. These awesome pins work perfectly as a statement on its own, or teamed up next to each other. So, which one will you choose? Will it be the palmtree for a summery touch? The croissant, just because you love Paris that much? Or the panther, to show your wild side…


IMG_0180 2

The ultimate Holiday packing picks


From white sandy beaches, sailing on the mediterranean sea, to great city strolls, a well packed and refined suitcase is a must in these happy summer scenes. And because packing can give us some unnecessary headache sometimes, we have our top picks for you to bring along on your journey abroad.

First of all, a kimono is the add on you can wear everywhere. Not only on the beach, but also during those balmy evenings. And choose a cheery print for a fresh twist on your jet-set wardrobe. Want top pepper your Holiday look? Then don’t forget to bring along some jewelry for the finishing touch. And least but not least a pretty toiletbag can serve you in many ways. Not only to store your cosmetics, but also as a clutch during your evening strolls!



Easy for you and your wallet


When it comes to summer, you just got to have the right statement piece hanging around your neck and wrist. After all, that can make or break your entire ensemble. And with the celebration season in full swing, the right accessories can and will turn heads on that evening soiree or wedding abroad. Once the sun sets, your statement necklace and bracelet will do the trick.
But a nice thread and a good shimmer work just as well with a jeans and a basic tee. Or a look from desk to dinner. It’s up to you! And in doubt which items to choose? No worries, our 20% discount will make shopping for the right pieces a little bit more easy for you and your wallet. The discount starts today and ends Friday. Code: ANNANINA20

Refresh your tabletop


Playing hostess this summer? Then it’s time to give you some tips on how to refresh your tabletop. Because even with some simple decoration necessities, you will create a table setting that your guests will remember.

This year we would say, go for a golden brass color theme across the dinnerware, and break it all up with crystal (lookalike) glassware and some colored platters. To elevate the whole look decorate the table with a stunning cloth, fabric napkins and pretty blooms in glass vases.

One last tip? Don’t be too hard on yourself in the kitchen, a simple menu means more time around your gorgeous table enjoying each other’s company.



Summer is here


Now summer has arrived, well on the calendar it has, we try to indulge ourselves into picture perfect hot weather wardrobes, including the right accessories. But on that front we do sometimes come unstuck. So here we are, presenting you the ultimate summer accessories kit.

The apple bag, one of our favorite pieces and definitely a head turner at any gathering you will attend this summer. Add the bauble wrap cuff to your wrist and make you ears shimmer and shine with the coral ring earring. And want to give your casa the same summer uplift? Decorate your wall with these flags and instantly your home is balmy weather proof.