The finest stationery to have and to hold


The most awesome interiors, must visits in the world, breathtaking pictures and what to wear in which city – get a hold onto one of our favorite books, fulfil your jotting needs with some of the nicest notebooks or sent a perfect thank you or a birthday card with a little note that goes the extra mile. Our online shop is filled with the finest stationery that’s a little weird and a lot charming.


Defining your decor style


Now fall is kicking summer’s ass, it’s time for a cosy makeover. One that will make you want stay in at night, while the rain pours down and the temperatures drop. We suggest adding just some small touches to make your interior look all fresh and new this coming season. Because these tiny tweaks, will mage a huge impact.

For this transformative project, treating your home to a make over, we’ve got the right add ons for you in store. Starting off with the oh-so-cool, yet simple in its appearance, ‘To the moon and back’ frame. One that will immediately wow you and all of your guests. But also adding the velour cushions to your couch, or the LOVE plate to your wall, will do the trick. And so on, it’s all about finding the right amount of playful elements that will refreshen your interior this fall.


The Ganni mission


Take a glance at our stores and you’ll see one thing: we’re obsessed with everything pretty and not so ordinary. From glistering ear adornments, to shiny tableware and from eclectic wall decor to the finest garments in your closet. And let us tell you, we already get the fall and winter vibes from all the new collections that are hitting our stores..

For statement dressing and day time comfort we turn to one of our favorite brands: Ganni. Their mission is simple, to fill a woman’s wardrobe with effortless, easy-to-wear items in a covetable style. Hear hear, words to live by. So go and visit one of our stores to find the perfect piece that will complement your cold weather wardrobe.



An oldie but goodie


Want to add  a smashing detail to any outfit in a flash? Then all you need is the amy (coin) thread. The first real Anna + Nina jewelry piece that has evolved from cute bracelet to a fashion statement piece on its own. Wearing it all day everyday, from desk to dinner, young and old. It’t the best gift, a token of love, luck or a just a huge thank you.

Mix & match these threads with some bangles and more shimmering accessories, or let them glister and shine on its own. Either way it will remind you that you’re awesome, you have to live your dreams or just see the joy in life every single day. Let us take you through a few of our personal faves.




Oh how gold glimmers


Want to make a grand entrance with little effort? Then the 14K solid gold ear adornments are here to make that happen. These earrings are sold as a single piece, so it’s all about achieving your own, unique look. Combine textures, stones and mix your old favorites with some of these new, delicate pieces.

Oh how gold glimmers, and we believe looks good on everyone. A perfect single ear stud for your right or left ear, is one to cherish and to hold. A special piece that you can wear from desk to dinner, classic in it’s appearance and so easy to wear.



Mix things up a bit


When it comes to accessories, we all play favorites. Somewhere along the line we choose our color, style and finish, and that becomes the one. So whether you decide to go with what you know or mix things up a bit, a new favorite jewelry piece is always a good idea.

Is big, bigger, biggest your philosophy? Then our new collection has just the right pieces for you. Choose the single single grand orb pearl and mix and match it with the orb necklace and some bangles. But if classic and timeless pieces are what your heart desires, then the clean and minimalistic path is what you should follow. Try the rivet earring and necklace and make your ensemble classy yet oh so stunning.


Made to dazzle


Looking to make a big impact with minimal effort? Us too. That’s why we created the new and opulent collection ‘Salon Artistique’. With just a pop of gold or a twinkle of silver in the shape of a Lily, a treasure map or a tag, you will definitely turn heads. And want to elevate your desk wardrobe? Then the multi orb hook or Eclipse earring are here to spice it all up.

This new collection is deeply associated with opulence and has a artistic vibe to it. All the pieces work perfectly as a statement on its own, or are great to team up with some of its bolder wrist, neck or ear adornments. Just blink once and you will transform your work gear into a fab dinner look.page4

The not so ordinary plate


Here’s a tribute to the not so ordinary plate, a words of wisdom story we decided to create. A little art for on your wall, a small touch that will have the mightiest impact of them all.

As we like to pay close attention to the tiny details in our homes, we wanted to create something that even uplifts the most bare walls in a simple yet compelling way. And is your interior already very refreshing, then maybe the next party host or dear neighbor, is in desperate need of some encouraging words. Well, then one of these plates are your next token of gratitude.


Solid gold


A small collection of accessories hanging around our neck or in our ears, tend to be our outfit’s final touch. But it seems like we’re sticking to the same pieces from desk to dinner, whenever and wherever. Until now, because this season we introduce to you our 14K real solid gold collection. For those special moments, now and forever..

The Essential golden ear adornment is one to cherish. A very special piece classic in its appearance, yet easy to wear and so-very-stylish. And want to go beyond the everyday look? Then this earring is made for mixing and matching with some other trinkets and golden sparkly accessories, just to make each and every ensemble unique.